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Data-and-Lists: URL List For Commenting - Get Backlinks

This is a list of URLs where we have placed comments and left a backlink to our websites. This was done with sophisticated auto-posting software. You may find this list useful for creating your own comments (and backlinks) as done either automatically of manually.

Data-and-Lists: Business Database

Company names, contact-person names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and Standard Industrial Code categorizations.

Millions of contacts here.

Keyword Research Software

We review 2 software packages for performing Keyword Research. Each has its own advantages.

Sales Copy / Sales Page Guide Book

An eBook on the topic of How To Write An Internet Sales Page is available. It covers theory and offers detailed examples.

Sales Copy / Sales Page Review Services

The consulting services offered here provide review of existing sales pages / web pages that are specifically oriented to converting visitors into buyers.

On Page Optimization eBook.doc

Are you losing click-throughs from the search engines ? You dont have to let that happen ! This eBook takes the mystery out of On Page Optimization

If you havent really studied On Page Optimization then this book will be a real eye-opener. It is an easy "read" at 22 pages in length, but covers the specifications and details for doing a great job at On Page Optimization.

Free and Low Cost Internet Marketing and SEO Resources eBook.doc

This eBook is a vast collection of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) resources, most of which are available to you on the Internet for free. This eBook is almost 500 pages.

As you read through the descriptions of what is in the book, you will no doubt see that many of the individual parts of this book are worth more than the very, very low price of this book.

Rent High Performance Proxy Servers For Very Low Cost

If you are in the Internet Marketing business, there will be many times when you want to maintain an anonymous identity. One answer to this is to use a Proxy Server.

You can find free "public" proxies on the Net and use those. There are such free proxies around the world.In truth though, the free proxies are poor performers. A rented proxy from a proxy provider will be much better. What does "much better" mean. Well it could be something like 10 times to 100 times better.

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