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Buying Traffic

Most owners of websites want traffic (visitors) to their site. Whether it is a message that they want to convey or a product or service that is being offered, the site owner often wants or needs, traffic.

While there are reasons for getting traffic of any type, such as boosting Alexa or other similar rankings, more time than not, a site owner wants a specific type of traffic.

Some of the obvious qualifiers for traffic, in most cases, are as follows.

- human traffic, not a robot
- same native language of the site and the visitors
- culturally relevant visitors
- visitors who are interested-in and looking-for the sites content
- visitors who want to interact with the site in some way
- visitors who NEED something (product or service)
- visitors who are willing-to or ready-to buy (a product or service)

Search Engine Traffic

There is much work that can be done with optimization of a website to ultimately get the search engines to give a site a good, usable ranking in the search engine results.

These are often described as on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

On Page Optimization

This involves the specific content, formatting and positioning of the sites pages. This optimization is very important because it not only assists with search engine ranking, but it makes the site more relevant to the human visitor.

There is an inexpensive eBook on this site on the key elements of on-page optimization. See the left column navigation bar.

Off Page Optimization

The crux of this is link-building (inbound links). Today, (2014) it is both a science and an art. It is entirely necessary to have a good inbound links. The formula for that is not-at-all agreed-upon by the so-called industry experts, and whatever is the formula today, will likely not be the formula tomorrow.

Basically the search engines do not want you to decipher their internal formulas for giving ranking in their search results.

Buying Traffic

There are numerous places to buy traffic for a website. has numerous choices in this regard, and they are all one-shot deals that cost about 5 bucks.

In pursuing this approach of buying traffic, look (above) at the bulleted attributes for traffic in the Introduction section.

Start a dialog on the site (using the Instant Messaging of with the person who is offering the service and find out how, what and where they are getting the traffic. If they dont want to dialog with you, then do not consider them.

Plan on giving 4 or 5 different services a try. Keep track of the traffic you get with your website statistics. Very important.

When you find one that works, you can repeat it again and again.

All success to you.


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